Easter (复活节) is neither observed nor particularly celebrated in China. Some people may paint Easter eggs or play some Easter games, however, the vast majority of Chinese people don’t attach much significance to Easter celebrations.

All shops/banks are open and people normally go to school/work. Therefore, I had lectures during Easter and I had to go to uni (which was a bit weird!). To be honest, this year I did not even feel that Easter was coming. Yet, I was quite excited to spend my first Easter in China and even though I was so far away from home, my Easter was not that bad at all!

My Chinese friends told me that Easter marks the beginning of spring, which is hard to disagree with seeing how beautiful and sunny Shanghai is right now! Spring also means balmy weather, blooming flowers and pleasant evening walks! 🙂

***Also, if you want to wish someone a happy Easter in Chinese, you can say 复活节快乐!(fù huó jié kuàilè!)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!