Singapore was the third stop during my backpacking adventure. Due to its close proximity to Malaysia, it is very easy to go to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur by bus, which takes around 5 hours. Singapore is undeniably different from the rest of South East Asia – it is much more developed, international and, unfortunately, also more expensive. Being a relatively young country, Singapore does not have many historical sites, instead, it feels like one is in a kind of a futuristic, innovative and ultra-modern place. Apart from native Singaporeans, Singapore is also home to people from various places in the world, many of whom come from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India or the West. Singapore has a lot of laws that are strictly enforced and some of them may be unknown to foreigners. One can be punished for littering, selling chewing gum, eating on the metro and smoking in public places, to name a few. However, it’s very clean and well-organised and it’s an extremely welcoming place. If you keep reading, then let’s hop on an adventure through some of the most incredible places I’ve seen in Singapore!

Marina Bay

This comes as no surprise at all as Marina Bay is an undeniable landmark of Singapore. The first place on your ‘to-go’ list. The bay boasts some of the world’s architectural masterpieces that I could rave about for ages. One of the most famous is probably Marina Bay Sands resort. Stately skyscrapers form a sublime backdrop and, if you decide to come in the evening, you can see all the buildings reflecting in the water.

Gardens by the Bay

Here, you can see lush gardens and numerous conservatories. They are all meticulously and beautifully designed. If you go to Gardens by the Bay, you can also learn quite a lot about sustainability and conservation. Some of my favourite attractions include Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove. If you ever visit Gardens by the Bay, don’t miss the ‘Garden Rhapsody’ show – an astounding display of lights accompanied by music. During the show, I felt chuffed to bits that I had a chance to visit Singapore.

Merilion Park

Some consider Merilion Park, with its Merilion statue, to be one of the symbols of Singapore aside from Marina Bay. It’s quite impressive and the scenery entices visitors to take a quick walk.

Little India

My hostel was in Little India. As you have probably figured out by the name, Little India is an Indian district where the Indian community in Singapore lives. There are also loads of Indian restaurants around and the location is pretty convenient. Most of all, I really liked the style of the buildings and the lively atmosphere in Little India.


I always visit Chinatowns wherever I go, so I couldn’t miss it in Singapore. Chinatown in Singapore is very vivid and lively and it also has a lot of restaurants and little shops. My time in Singapore was also the time of Chinese New Year, so I managed to see some shows and performances.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The thing that I love about Singapore is the fact that it has a lot of green spaces and gardens. Singapore Botanic Gardens are unbelievably stunning and I really enjoyed visiting them! They are also Singapore’s UNESCO Heritage Site. The National Orchid display is definitely not to be missed! Together with other outstanding gardens and parks, Singapore Botanic Gardens prove locals and visitors are totally right to call Singapore a ‘garden city’.

Orchard Road and Clarke Quay

Singapore is renowned for its high-end shopping, including exclusive boutiques from all around the world. Shopping malls are ubiquitous in Singapore and Orchard Road is probably the most famous shopping destination. I can’t say much about this topic though, as travelling on a budget and being restricted to only one backpack to travel to three different countries limited my shopping trips. However, I did indeed visit a few of the shopping malls and I was amazed to discover that shopping malls are not only places to shop, go for a coffee to a fancy coffee shop with friends, but also places where you can ride a boat in the middle of the mall! Have a look at the photo below. Clarke Quay is a good place to unwind after a long day – it has some of the best nightclubs and bars.

Bridges: Henderson Waves Bridge and Helix Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. With lots of green scenery around, it makes a perfect spot for a peaceful walk or a bike ride. Helix Bridge is close to Marina Bay and is best to walk and admire at night as it is illuminated with plenty of lights.