While I was travelling around Hong Kong, I spontaneously decided to go to Macau as I had one day with relatively little left to do. Similarly to HK, Macau is also a SAR (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China). Getting to Macau from Hong Kong is very easy – there are ferries departing almost every 15 minutes both on weekends and weekdays.

Everyone I met referred to Macau as the gambling capital of Asia due the legality of gambling and its overwhelming number of luxurious casinos. Since Macau used to be a Portuguese colony until 1999, I was much more interested in seeing the Portuguese influence and exploring Macau from a more historical side.

I started my visit with a look at Grand Lisboa casino as I could not have left Macau without visiting at least one of them! You are not allowed to take photos in casinos and it is usually advised to dress appropriately as otherwise you may be denied entrance. I had a quick look and noticed that ‘casino culture does indeed play a role in Macao. The thing that drew my attention was the opulent and luxurious décor.

I didn’t spend much time in Grand Lisboa and, after less than half an hour, I went straight to the historic centre of Macau. I loved Senado Square and was enchanted by the Portuguese-style buildings all around. I instantly felt as if I was back in Europe, especially because some road signs in Macau are also written in Portuguese.

I also visited the ruins of St Paul’s Church. The church once used to be the biggest Catholic church in this part of the world; now, the ruins remain a significant tourist attraction in Macau and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Macau is renowned for its scrumptious egg tarts, which are widely sold in various places around Macau and are absolutely delicious!

Macau Tower is another noteworthy spot. Some people decide to go for a bungee jump from Macau Tower and I had a chance to watch one of those adventurers. It looks pretty cool but seeing how tall the tower is, I bet must be a little scary!

While in Macau, I also visited a marvellous A-Ma Temple – one of the oldest Macanese temples.