There are so many fantastic things to do/see in Bali that I’m not sure where to start! A lot of the attractions that I mention below are located in Ubud, a cultural centre of Bali offering stunning views, which some of you may remember from “Eat, Pray, Love.” Yes, Ubud is the place where the movie was filmed and the place where Julia Roberts used to stroll around and explore Bali’s natural beauty.


I love visiting temples so couldn’t resist seeing them in Bali too! Bali’s temples are mystical and absolutely gorgeous. I visited Tanah Lot temple, which is a Hindu temple perched on a volcanic rock by the ocean. A must-see in Bali and the views during sunsets are incredible! Apart from that, I also visited Uluwatu Temple, which lies on a steep cliff above the Indian Ocean and offers extraordinary views and Goa Gajah, a Buddhist temple in Ubud, known for its distinctive elephant cave. Goa Gajah is also placed on the UNESCO World Heritage  List and it far exceeded my expectations. Another spot worth mentioning is a Hindu temple called Tirta Empul (which in Balinese means holy spring). The temple is renowned for the holy water in its springs that is used for a variety of religious rituals and, according to Balinese people’s beliefs, can cure diseases. Tirta Empul’s complex is quite big and consists of tropical flowers, green pathways and bathing pools.

Rice terraces

Bali is a place where you’ll find vivid rice terraces. My absolute favourites are Jatiwuluh Rice Terrace and Tegallang Rice Terrace. The latter was designed according to the Balinese irrigation system. If you’re lucky, you can also spot people in characteristic hats harvesting rice.


Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes in Bali. A perfect place for trekking! Since I love watching sunrises, I just have to mention that Mountain Batur offers breathtaking sunrise views!

Silver production centre

If you want to get an insight into Balinese arts and crafts, this is the place to visit! All the jewellery made there has elaborate designs and you can approach craftsmen and see the production process. There is also an opportunity to buy things in a nearby shop, however, everything is very expensive.

Bali’a Batik Wand Weaving Centre

In Tohpati Village, you can see workers painting fabrics using a traditional Balinese painting technique. The name ‘batik’ refers to the way of decorating fabrics. People use waxing and dyeing to incorporate impressive designs into various materials such as wool, cotton, silk, leather and even wood.

Git Git Waterfalls

Git Git Waterfalls are easily accessible from Lovina. According to a local that we met, these are the best waterfalls you’ll see in Bali.


You can take a boat from Lovina beach at around 5-6am to see dolphins in the middle of the sea. I’m not sure I recommend this particular activity as it has become extremely popular with tourists and there are too many boats floating around with people desperate for pictures, which I think makes the dolphins stressed and too afraid to play like they used to.